Donald A. Loucks

Accomplishments in office, in part.
1 January, 2001 to 31 December, 2004

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1. After taking his seat on the commissioners court in 2001, Donald was appointed by the court to represent the county on the Combined Community Action Board of Directors. CCA provides adult day care, meals on wheels, weatherization assistance and other services for those in need over a large area of central Texas, including Bastrop County. The CCA board elected him Chairman in 2002 and he served in that capacity until term limited out in 2004, when he was elected vice-chair.

2. The Pearce Lane/FM 535 project was almost ready to start construction when Donald took office. There were still some critical right of way issues that needed resolution and Donald was able to solve the problems in a near-emergency situation with a recalcitrant land owner. The project is now complete and we enjoy a perfect road from Cedar Creek to the Travis County line.

3. In 2001, we had to change the precinct boundaries in the decennial reapportionment process. Donald insisted that the boundaries be drawn in the best interest of the people. As a result, he kept the Red Rock, Rockne and Stoney Point areas in his precinct. Those areas favored his opponent.

4. Also in 2001, the plans were being finalized for the courthouse annex. It was Donald’s foresight that established the design we enjoy today. Originally, the old commissioners court building was to stay. Donald recognized how much more valuable the new building would be by razing the old building and increasing the size of the new one by adding an entire wing. The result is an additional eleven thousand square feet of office and storage space at minimal cost.

5. Donald was appointed by the court to represent the county at the Capital Area Regional Transportation Planning Organization. In this critical function, Donald worked with delegations from several other area counties to develop a unified voice for presenting transportation plans to TxDOT and the Texas Legislature. The completion of the Hwy 290 grade separation project and the rejection of the plan to toll Hwy 71 project are a direct result of Donald’s ability to articulate the county’s needs.

6. The taxpayers should have been very happy with Donald’s work in keeping the county budget in line. The tax rate today is lower than it was in 1998. The road maintenance equipment has been modernized to make the most efficient use of county manpower. There is never enough money in the Road and Bridge fund to keep everyone happy. So, county commissioners have the unenviable task of saying “no” to some.

7. One of the current precinct 3 commissioner's major supporters took issue with the installation of a traffic light at Hwy 21 and Voss Parkway in Cedar Creek. This disturbed individual attacked then-Commissioner Loucks for helping keep his constituents safe at an extremely dangerous intersection where traffic from two schools must pass. Donald facilitated the collection of petitions, passed a joint resolution though commissioners court and the BISD Board of Trustees and presented the request for the stop light personally to the TxDOT District Engineer. The light is now installed. What most people do not know, however, is that Donald was first on the scene at that intersection when a twelve-year-old girl was killed there the last day of school before Christmas 2003. Donald then realized he had yet another duty to perform and joined the Bluebonnet Volunteer Fire Department. Now part of Bastrop County Emergency Service District #1, Donald has now achieved the rating of Firefirghter II.

8. Donald retired from the Texas State Guard (not to be confused with the National Guard) in 2010. He continues to serve in the Bastrop County Veterans Honor Guard. Donald doesn’t talk about the latter much because he serves there to honor fallen veterans with proper military funerals.

9. The 2002 budget contained a tax rate increase which Donald opposed. He voted against the increase, but then took the high road and refused to accept the salary increase for himself that was part of that budget.

10. In 2003, Donald introduced and passed an increase in the senior citizens homestead exemption from $5,000 to $25,000 so seniors would pay less county property tax. This year he supported and passed the senior citizen tax freeze so seniors’ county property taxes would never go up.

11. Over 20 miles of Precinct 3 roads were paved under Donald’s supervision. These are roads that had increased traffic volume. Paving these roads also reduces the amount of maintenance required because they no longer need to be graded after a rain.

12. Precinct 3 equipment was significantly upgraded under Donald’s watch. A pothole patching machine was added to reduce the man hours needed for that chore, several pickups were replaced for bargain prices through U.S Government surplus purchases, a large wheeled loader was purchased to speed movement of materials and safety equipment lighting was added to all vehicles.

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