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Donald A Loucks, TEM
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Regarding the City of Bastrop
Mayor Election Runoff

This is important and shocking information you should know about Dock Jackson

This is a signed, eyewitness account which reflects upon Jackson's lack of moral compass and complete disrespect of American history.

Text of letter below:

Letter to the editor, Austin American-Statesman and The Bastrop Advertiser

Dear Editor,                                                                             25 May, 2023

We, the undersigned, are voicing our opposition to Dock Jackson’s candidacy for The City of Bastrop Mayor.

His divisive and extremist views are not compatible with citizens of Bastrop and Bastrop County.  His radical public comments regarding destruction of the historic monuments at the County Courthouse are proof.

At Bastrop County Commissioners Court over a year ago, Jackson was among those demanding the removal of said historic monuments. Removal of monuments is one thing.  Desecration of a grave is quite another.

Dock Jackson publicly advocated the desecration of the grave of Joseph Sayers in Fairview cemetery.

Jackson said that he was not comfortable with Joseph Sayers’ grave being located in our cemetery, and said it should be moved somewhere else.  So now, even graves are fair game for those who would obliterate our history.

Who is Joseph Sayers? According to The Texas State Historical Association, Joseph Sayers was the 22nd governor of Texas.  He lived in Bastrop County for the majority of his life.  He practiced law for 10 years, was chair of the Democrat state executive committee, served in the Texas State Senate, served as Lt. Governor, two terms as Governor, and represented Texas in the US House of Representatives. He was a regent at the University of Texas and served on other appointed boards. He died at the age of 87. 

But because he served 4 years in the Confederate Army, Dock Jackson wants his grave moved and his accomplishments erased.

Jackson as mayor would be a divisive disaster.

Donald A Loucks                                                        

James Richard                 

Carl Rees

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